Creativity and research produce the best results

A great passion for our product, careful analysis of the market and personal commitment are but a few of our qualities. Lediberg is a leading company in its sector for volumes and innovative ability. Materials, graphics, design and management systems are critical aspects of our culture and are continually assessed. New product ideas are created almost every day that, once presented, immediately become a benchmark in terms of concept and price. Lediberg products are the result of forty years of experience and passion. All Lediberg diaries have an unmistakeable design thread. A thread that exemplify clean lines, precision and refinement. Significant investments cement this, allowing continuous careful research, the prelude to impeccable production.

Lediberg’s dedication to the product becomes tangible when choosing staff who are expert at recognizing the quality of a material just by touch, capable of perceiving potential and limitations in the production stage. The selection of weight, substance and colour are all decisive factors in producing prestigious, innovative diaries, with reasonable turnaround times and costs. In-house interaction and ability bring customers a product that meets requirements, over and above expectations.

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